High Efficiency Vertical Belt Water Glue Base Laminating Machine For Shoes Textile Fabric Eva Sponge

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Used for gluing and laminating such raw materials as sponge, foam, textile, plastic leather, EVA, seat cushions, mattresses, carpets, toys, Shoe-making, hat, handbags and etc.

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Model YH-002
Power 380V/220V
Weight 3000kg
Speed 0-60m/min
Standard Roller Size 1500mm*1800mm


1.The Vertical Belt Water Glue Laminating Machine uses water-based glue or the white latex.
2.The Vertical Belt Water Glue Laminating Machine improves the quality of the products greatly, save cost.
3.The Vertical Belt Water Glue Laminating Machine has vertical structure, low breakdown rate and long service time.
4.Equipped with high quality heat resistance net belt to make sure the laminated materials contact closely with the drying cylinder, that can improve the drying effect, and make the laminated product soft, and strengthen adhesive fastness.
5.This leather laminating machine has two sets of heating system, user can select one set heating mode or two sets, to reduce the energy consumption and lower costs.
6.The Surface of heating roller is coated with Teflon paper in order to efficacious prevent the unevenly heating.
7.For clamp roller of the Vertical Belt Water Glue Laminating Machine, both hand wheel adjustment and the pneumatic control are available.
8.Equipped with automatic infrared centering control unit, which can effectively prevent the net belt deviation, and ensure the net belt service life
9. Customized manufacturing is available, we can customized the machine structure based on the feature of customers’ materials and customers’ need.
10.The Vertical Belt Water Glue Laminating Machine has very low maintenance cost and simple to maintain. And it is very easy to operate.

How to maintain the machine

1.The reducer should be replaced with lubricating oil every 6 months.
2.The Engine of this laminating machine should be replaced with lubricating every 12 months.
3.The chain needs to be properly lubricated and tensioned.
4.The gluing parts must be cleaned after use.








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